View the Merchandising presentation from the 2018 National Assembly Thrift Store Workshops:


Backroom Processing, Diane Smith-Melloy and Mike McClanahan

Diane Smith-Melloy is the merchandising expert who helped to make the Society’s thrifts in Madison, Wisconsin boom. She is joined by the experienced Mike McClanahan who manages the Phoenix Council’s thrifts. Learn from these veteran managers how you can turn your backroom processing into the engine needed to drive profits. Learn the critical pieces of processing on the back-end. Click here to view their presentation.

“Reputation is but an empty bubble when it is not founded on truth, and when established on this basis, it has nothing to fear.” St. Vincent de Paul
Merchandising is key to the mission of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, with thrift stores generating more than half the income to support the Society’s fight against poverty in the United States. The good news is that this website takes the experience of some of the Society’s most successful thrift store managers and other personnel and shares it with you.