Know the Basics. Protect your Store’s – and the Society’s – reputation

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Maintain a clean store
Cobwebs, dusty racks, food wrappers on the floor and smeared counters. What do these elements have in common? They are all to be avoided. Cleaning is a critical part of the Society’s thrift store success. Include regular cleaning as job duties and conduct regular inspections.
Shine the light
Dimly lit stores do not perform as well as those that are well lit. Invest in good lights and replace blown bulbs regularly.
Keep your store organized
An organized store that allows customers to find what they need and want is critical. Keep your items sorted and easy to access
Prevent odors
Nothing is more of a turn-off than to walk into a store and smell musty, dirty clothes. Put your best foot forward. Be mindful of putting clean and already laundered items on your sales floor.