Thrift Store Committee

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s Thrift Store Committee is dedicated to helping our Thrift Store personnel, both paid and unpaid, to develop and maintain successful thrift stores to support the Society’s mission most effectively.  National Council staff member Jeffrey Beamguard  supports the store committee. You can reach him at
The following is the list of the Society’s Thrift Store Committee. Feel free to contact the representative from your area with questions or concerns.
North Central Region
Tom Pelger

District Council of Madison

Brooke Trick
Senior Director of Retail Operations

Cabrini Conference, Wausau, WI

Kim Kuske


Southeast Region
John Berry

Diocese of Palm Beach

Don Schiffgens


Mideast Region
Bill Brazier

Council of Lansing

John Thelen


Northeastern Region
Irene Frechette

Council of Rockville Centre

Joe Lazarich


Archdiocese of Boston

Lori Malcom



Midwest Region
Don Kany

Council of Saint Louis

John Walters

South Central Region
Ray DuPont

Archdiocesan Council of Galveston-Houston

Marie Schwartz

Stores Director Austin

Rick Bologna


Western Region
John Hallissy

Diocesan Council of Phoenix

Mike McClanahan



Contra Costa County of California

Dominick Scibilia



Eastern Region
Lynn Betts

Council of Greensburg

Ed Markiewicz