Sell items online? What do you need to know? Learn more.

This board game Fire Island was recently donated to a SVdP Thrift. It sold for $120.

  1. Identify hidden gems. You never know when someone will drop off a masterpiece from Picasso or another hidden treasure. Put a system in place to find treasures.
  2. Size matters. Plan to ship only lightweight, small items. Customers will not pay for shipping if it doubles  the cost of the item purchased.
  3. Ask your donors for used books and sell them!
  4. “Free Shipping” increases sales but diminishes your bottom line. You will need to carefully consider its use.
  5. Selling an item though online auctions can be lucrative. Allow two weeks to sell the item. If it does not sell, drop the price 30%. If it still does not sell, return it  to the sales floor of your thrift or recycle it.