How to's

Purchasing and Preparing Donation Bins
The lifeline of every thrift is donations. Stores with lots of donations thrive, while the cleanest most attractive stores fail without a strong supply of product to sell. Having a network of donation bins that is serviced regularly is key to a thrift store’s success.
Recommended dimensions: 44” (Width) X 44” (Depth) X 6’2”(Height).
Purchase locally (shipping is cost prohibitive) through a metal fabrication company.
Paint the bins using a Rustoleum type product, including a couple coats of primer. For the top coat, SVdP Blue PMS 300 is recommended, as it wears well. White shows rust quickly.Learn More
Avoid scratching your freshly painted bins when delivering them to their location. Recommendation is to wrap each bin in cardboard with packing tape holding it in place.   Finished Product