Marketing your thrift - eCommerce

“If you build it, they will come” is the famous line from the movie Field of Dreams. The truth about Thrifts is that if you build a store correctly, customers will come. The success of a thrift relies upon production, getting donations and properly merchandising your inventory. It may sound easy, but it requires knowledge. This website will provide you with ongoing efforts to help  you market your thrift.

The 21st Century brought another great opportunity for selling donated items. Online platforms such as eBay provide the Society with a great venue to secure funds to help people who are struggling to get by. With these opportunities, come challenges and opportunities.

Download the Marketing/Advertising presentation from the 2018 National Assembly Thrift Store Workshops!

Marketing/Advertising, Rod Colburn

Like the old phrase ‘location, location, location’ for real estate, “it’s marketing my dear, marketing!” also comes to mind when thinking about a thrift store’s success. Learn how to better spread the word why your thrift exists, how it beats the competition and, very importantly, how you can help your customer meet his/her needs. Learn from SVdP Waukesha thrift manager Rod Colburn, who has a proven track record in knowing how to spread the word and build revenue with marketing for the Society.

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