Marketing Your Thrift

Communicating with your customers, donors and other community members is critical.
  1. Secure their emails
    Idea: Offer a “Loyalty Card”. Customers must register to receive this card that will provide them with 20% off purchases. The registration provides vital information, including email addresses, to enable you and your team to affordably communicate Thrift messaging.
  2. The best message we can share with likely customers and donors is impact. How is the Society helping local people? This message of hope resonates with people. No need to refer to your store as the biggest, best, cheapest. Instead remind the public that the Society’s thrift is a charity that helps people.
  3. Reinforce the Society’s brand and mission to shoppers within your store. Using overhead announcements and signage works well.
Engage supporters through social media
  1. Facebook best practices
    • Post two to three times per week only – do not overwhelm your followers with posts.
    • Post advertisements that remind users how the Society gives back to people in need.
    • Include reminders of community events that coincide with SVdP values. Show the Society gives back!
    • Pose questions of followers, asking for their feedback.
    • Ask for donations – feed production.
  2. Twitter
    • Great cross reference took with Facebook and YouTube.
    • Allows you to send links to Facebook promotions and YouTube videos.
    • Secure followers: When a community partner established on Twitter tweets to you, retweet the message. This strategy will enable you to recruit their followers to the Society’s twitter feed.